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The Beginners Guide to Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort

The Beginners Guide to Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort

So you want to see what the fuss is all about with going to the snow?

Mt Baw Baw Alpine is the closest major resort to Melbourne. 2.5 hours from Melbourne it is a great family day trip!

Roads and Conditions

Snow chains are required by law to be carried and fitted to your vehicle from the entry gates. But don't stress they are not expensive and they are easy to fit or ask someone for help at the gates.

Erica Ski Hire rent out snow chains for all vehicles and they start from $20 (1 Day) or $35 (2 days).


The road/s into any alpine resort are heavily maintained and monitored, with their own dedicated snow/ ice clearing and recovery teams to keep the road open in some really bad weather. The entry fee to Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort is only $57/ Day (Click for more info).

Ski Gear Hire

You are going to want to stay warm and dry at Baw Baw. 

A big no no is wearing jeans in the snow. This is because jeans don't insulate and they will get wet (snow melt is water). Once it melts it will tend to refreeze and turn to ice. Which could turn nasty if in contact with your skin (think frost bite).

From just $88 for one day (multiple day discounts available) for skis, poles, boots, pants and jacket it is not expensive to hire the gear you need.

We highly recommend that you wear thermals under your ski gear, buy some gloves and some snow goggles. All of which can be purchased at Mt Baw Baw Ski Hire It is a lot cheaper than buying your gear! Head to Mt Baw Baw Ski Hire.

Mention Snowlovers Global to receive 5% discount.

(Valid until the 30th of September.)


There is plenty of accommodation both on the mountain and off the mountain. But to really experience the alpine environment then staying on snow is the way to go!

We highly recommend John Gardiner Ski Club. Located in the village itself it is just meters away from clipping into your skis and enjoying the day on the slopes!

John Gardiner Ski Club offers family rooms, singles rooms and anything in between. Ski and Drying Room (To dry your clothes and boots), Flat Screen TV's (not that you would want to watch TV hehe), Private entry into your rooms, just to name a few awesome features....

Where to eat you say?

Well you can bring your own food to most accommodations. Or you can eat in any of the cafes/ restaurants in the village. 

The Alpine Hotel and Bistro is a great place to eat and they cater for families as well! More info here... http://bit.ly/2lZ5C26

Not into skiing but want to experience the alpine resort?

Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort have the NUTRO™ Dingo Resource Centre. With some absolutely beautiful Alpine Dingos. You can also go on a Howling Husky Dog Sled ride.


Resort Map...


For just a few hundred dollars per person for the weekend it is a great and cheap holiday and you are only a couple hours from home.


If you prefer to buy your snow gear check out our website for all your snow gear needs.

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